Changing towards Sustainability, one day at a time.

Brittany D. Dhawan is a Big Picture person. Her views on sustainability are deeply held and place the status quo squarely within its crosshairs. Her beliefs come bundled with their own urgency. Her sociology background placed her in a larger context with which to read systems in. She is always looking for practical ways to create the world most of us wish for. 

Offering 16 years of experience in architecture in California within small to medium sized offices doing a variety of projects from single family residential to large multifamily complexes.  Brittany also has experience in Churches, Commercial T.I. projects, City College renovations, and more.  

“The inertia of the system is towards not being sustainable.” But, Brittany doesn’t believe in doing things a certain way because “that’s how they’ve always been done.” Science has long surpassed construction. We know more about materials, what is in them and what they are capable of. Brittany believes this knowledge should be used to solve larger problems.

Brittany is has been working on many rehabilitation projects which often require a surgical approach to work around existing parameters to find what can and can’t be saved. In her mind, it’s harder but worth it. Being able to avoid razing the structure saves more than a building. It saves resources and sometimes the character and history of a community.  Brittany also is adept at new buildings and desires to bring a sustainable focus to that sector of the business.