Claremont MS Multipurpose Building

Claremont Middle School (OUSD) is building a new multipurpose room building to function as its new cafeteria and an indoor basketball court and performing arts space. Studio 144 served as the associate architect on the new building project. It is currently projected to be a $13.4 million building and is planned to start construction in 2021. Currently it is in permitting with DSA and will be heading to bid sometime later this year.

One key design idea for this building is the addition of the stair / ramp on the garden side of the building. This outdoor space provides a place for the students to eat lunch and congregate on the school yard. The large windows behind it are operable doors that lift vertically. And it is flanked on both top and bottom ends by large planters. The northern planter will have a several larger bushes for shade.

Detail of the Stair / Ramp seating area.
Floor plan of the new Multi-purpose building.

The second major design push for this building was the best temperature and air control on the most efficient energy means. Our team decarbonized this building, so all appliances including heating and water heating are all electric. The hope is that this building will get a solar panel array on the standing seam metal roof, which was designed to have the majority of the roof surface at angle facing south to provide for the best orientation for solar panels. This building has a radiant slab floor that is part of the structural slab, and all of the upper clerestory windows are operable. 2 large fans have been placed in the center of the space to provide cooling air flow. Heating and Cooling were decoupled from the air handling system. This building’s air handling system has modes also that provide for MERV 13 filtration for smoky days when wildfire smoke is present.