Case Study: House ADU Conversion, Richmond, CA

This House ADU Conversion started with a 1940’s post war eclectic style split level house with a small garage and lower level that was only functioning for storage and laundry. The owner’s children wanted to create a small income unit to function as retirement income for their aging mother. When this project started in 2017 the City of Richmond had just passed new regulations allowing for the conversion of garages on single family homes to ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) as part of contributing more housing stock in existing neighborhoods without razing areas.

The area that became the ADU is the former garage (colored green in the diagram above) with a little of the former area that the original enormous furnace occupied under the staircase. A 424 SF, 2 story addition was also added to the back of the house (colored orange in the diagram above) to create a proper amount of living space in the ADU and some more functional space for the house. In the downstairs area for the main part of the house the laundry area was improved and placed under the stairs and a powder room and a second family room was created. Both this room and the bedroom of the ADU have french doors that open up to the backyard.

Rendering of ADU kitchen with finishes