Mountain View Public Library – Renovation

While employed at Noll and Tam Architects, Berkeley

The new entry to the Children’s Section of the Mountain View Public Library.

Before the remodel there was no glass in this area and the Children’s section of the library was completely open to the entry foyer. There was no visual or audio separation between the Children’s section and the rest of the library. The Children’s section of the library was more than doubled as the Mountain View Library discovered this was one of the most heavily used sections of their library. The existing Children’s section had some thematic elements from the children’s book, The Wind in the Willows. This theme was taken and expanded upon for the renovation.

Brittany originally worked as a project architect on the library renovation project, under Phan Dung at Noll and Tam Architects. When Phan went onto maternity leave then Brittany took over as Project Manager during construction. Brittany finished construction on this project. The front glazing entrance was largely designed by Brittany, including all the CNC routing and design of the children’s door. The carpet river was worked through the design documents to constructability by Brittany.

The carpet ‘River’ design element in the enlarged Children’s Area of the library.
Mountain View Library Existing First floor, prior to renovation.
Mountain View Library Existing Second Floor, Prior to Renovation.
Mountain View Library Proposed First Floor, After Renovation.
Mountain View Library Proposed Second Floor, After Renovation.
During Construction, looking into the Children’s area before the open ceiling spaces between the Children’s area and the upstairs stacks were filled in with a new structural concrete floor.
The carpet river during installation.
The new enclosed upstairs study rooms added for more isolated noise control for groups to study at the library for projects.