Multifamily Housing

Case Study: 990 Pacific Avenue, SF

While employed at MEI Architects, San Francisco

An existing 92 unit public senior housing complex, built originally in 1968 by John Bolles. The project was both a renovation and a seismic retrofit as part of MOH-RAD Phase I. Gelfand Partners Architects & MEI Architects joint venture, Project Manager role with MEI Architects.

MOH-RAD was an experimental new way to transfer derelict properties without a proper maintenance budget from the Federal Housing Authority of San Francisco (SFHA) to local non-profit ownership. Within that transfer was also a way to change financing and offer up new opportunities to funding for construction projects long deferred. 990 Pacific was a seismic collapse risk before the remodel. This 1969 building underwent a major seismic renovation with 16 shear walls added in both in line to the wall and outboard of the wall locations. It also underwent a major systems overhaul, new roofing, new elastomeric waterproofing, full new interiors and elevator repairs.

Brittany worked 2 1/2 years on this project, from early schematic design phase through 65% Construction. She went through all phases of design, value engineering and permitting with this project.

7 story building with 16 new shear walls, here cheerfully painted with new elastomeric paint

The seismic retrofit portion of the project required incredible technical expertise and hand in hand work with the construction team, who were providing design services from early schematic design. Once construction began, the concrete crew of JJ Albanese also provided detailing expertise.

New kitchen and bathroom exhaust ventilation for every unit tied new window system