Sustainability as Practice

At Studio 144 Architects, Sustainability is a way of life and central to the focus of the practice. Architects bear a unique responsibility in the climate crisis both for the design of spaces where humans live, work, learn for the health of the occupants. For the water used in the buildings, for the way water is treated on site when it arrives as rain. For the energy use of the building and any use of fossil fuels. Step by step, project by project, Studio 144 Architects has been pushing for the furthest we can go on sustainability as a way of building better.

Existing Gas Appliances Designed for Removal
New Buildings Designed w/o Gas Appliances (Decarbonized)
Projects Designed w/ Alternative Energy Solutions
Projects Designed w/ Alternative Water Solutions
Interiors Projects that used Living Product Challenge Products


Vision Statement – To push the boundaries of what’s possible in the built environment to help people, places and life itself be more resilient and regenerative


Renovations are the heart of our business, we do renovations on large scale as well as small scale with surgical precision on existing buildings.  Adept at budget constraints, scope evaluation, and working around existing conditions.

 All renovations are unique to the building they are in and the needs of the owners, and we approach every project with that in mind.

Ping Yuen Apartments

New Construction

New construction is the ability to bring new buildings to life – the dream of any architect.  At Studio 144 we dream big, we collaborate with others, we find creative solutions to tough problems of locations, sites, daylight, connecting with the environment and people.

New buildings are the testament to the dreams and time periods of their builders. We believe in quality in projects and stay through till the building is done. Everything we do we strive to have built. 


Interiors involves far more than just the color of a sofa.  At Studio 144 we believe in creating spaces that invite, inspire, comfort, connect and empower.  With color, plants, fixtures and finishes as our palette we can transform places.

People shape places, and then places turn around and shape us.

Bernal Dwellings FF&E Interior
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