Foothill Community Collage

990 Pacific Avenue

While employed at MEI Architects, a Joint Venture with Gelfand Partners Architects
Photos by Gary Sun
990 Pacific Avenue is a 1969 John Bolles building in the modern / brutalist style. While employed at MEI Architects Brittany Dhawan was Project Architect from schematic design through 60% of the construction phase from October 2014 – January 2017. MEI Architects was a subcontractor to Gelfand Partners Architects, but produced approximately 90% of the work on the contract.

This project was the most complicated of the first 16 projects in the MOH-RAD (Mayor’s Office of Housing Rental Assistance Development) Phase 1. Originally owned and operated by the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA), a federal agency, this building along with 15 other projects were transferred into private local non-profit housing developers with the MOH-RAD program. This project was transferred and redeveloped by Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC). Because of the private / public ownership stake and funding, it had several agencies managing design and the construction process including: MOHCD (SF), MOD (SF), TCAC, etc. This project was a seismic collapse risk before this major retrofit, and all systems were deteriorated to the point of rampant interior mold. 16 new shear walls were added from foundation to the roof, all building systems were upgraded and a full interior retrofit of all the units was done.