SF Adu


This project was a complicated ADU project whereby a single house with a large family daycare on the lower level was going to split into a house + ADU to allow for the running of 2 large family daycares in the same footprint. In order to accomplish this expansion of the home business and the splitting of the ADU new means of egress needed to be created on the rear of the building. 2 entirely new exterior staircases were created in the volume of the building to facilitate this change in egress. As part of the creation of the new staircase a portion of an existing bathroom was removed, which required a new bathroom remodel. The existing rear stairs on this house were deemed unsafe and not large enough for egress requiring a full replacement.

Studio 144 went through all the phases of design, including a pre-application meeting process with SF DBI, and into permitting on this project. This project remains unbuilt due to circumstances outside our control.